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we just returned from a great trip to Califonia where we had a marvellous west coast premiere at the Egyptian Theatre in Hollywood and were more than happy to present our film at Tiki Oasis in San Diego.

Volume 1 of the DVD OF TIKI is now for sale. Get it here online. We have 4 papal “buy now” options: US/Canada – Europe/UK – Germany – Rest of World (see links above)

If you would like to order but are not sure which option is best for you, please write us.

Mahalo for your interest and support.




Some of our recent feedback:

“Excellent job! Exceeded all expectations! Wonderful!” – Tiki Tony

„Congratulations Jochen. The DVD of Tiki is wonderful! Thank you for for putting so much time and effort into preserving the history of tiki culture.” – Alene Schultz Murphy

“Got around to watching this today. Wow!!! So good, professional, covering all of the historic past, and real Polynesian arts/cultures. Then starting to touch on all of the Poly Pop things we love. The Drinks, the Art, The Music, the Buildings. Amazing!! Only down-side, I wanted more. Can’t wait for Part 2 Please help spread the word on this, tell all of yer tiki friends to buy this, buy some for holiday or b-day presents. Help get this out there, and make an impact. This is True Tiki, This is the Must Have DVD documentary.” – Jeff, BigTikiDude (TC)

“The DVD is great! Really enjoyed watching it, love the vintage footage and the overall look of it, I highly recommend it. I was surprised how quickly it arrived after my online order, I wasn’t expecting it for days here on the east coast, thanks so much!”

“Loved the viewing at TO12 and just re-watched it last night, such a great documentary, can’t wait for volume 2!!!” – Steve Erickson

“INCREDIBLE job on The DVD of Tiki. The vintage footage you found was truly amazing. I especially loved the animated footage of the Martin Denny Group! The “intermission” segment was Kuku crazy!! Everything from beginning to end was a pure delight to watch!! Congratulations Jochen Hirschfeld for seeing your passion come to fruition!! This is the definitive documentary on the subject! It was well worth the wait and I’m so glad I could be a part of it!” – Jeff Chenault

“Got my copy too! Had an uninterrupted moment yesterday to watch the whole thing. Great job! Was thrilled to see and hear so many people that I look up to. And saw some things I hadn’t seen yet. Excited for Volume 2!”

“My father and I had a viewing of the dvd last week in my home bar, it was absolutely wonderful, really enjoyed every minute of it, cannot wait for volume two now! Congratulations on such a excellent and thorough film!” – Alastair Jenkins

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