Why Volume 1? How many more parts?

In the beginning we had the plan to make one film about the past and present of TIKI. Our first rough cut was about 5 hours long. Much too long for one DVD. We just had to many great things to show and tell. So we decided to split the documentary in two parts. Volume 1 about the Origins and the heyday of Tiki just came out. The second part “Paradise Reloaded” that will tell the story of the Tiki Revival already exists in a very rough version. This stage is about 6 years old and will need a lot of updating and also new filming. A lot of things happened in the meantime. But this is also good and will lead to another very interesting documentation. The long time frame will enable us to tell the stories in a broader perspective.

Can’t wait for Volume 2. When is it coming out?

This is the No. 1 question. What you should know: A lot of time and money – my own money – went into the production of Volume 1. The sale of the DVD will not cover my cost in the end. That is ok, since it is a labour of love. But the sales of the first volume will still effect if I can afford a second project like the first one. The response to the DVD is great and highly appreciated. It really makes all the years of work worth while. Thank you all for the great support. Please understand if the second volume also will take a long, long time to make.

Is there a way to watch the film uninterrupted?

There is a little easter egg to avoid the intermission. When in the main menu with the play button selected use arrow up on your remote control and the film will start and play without the intermission.

My English is not so good. It is hard to understand all the dialogues. Why don’t you have subtitles?

Subtitles in other languages or even other audio version were to costly. But we had English subtitles planned so that viewers could read along while watching the movie. That would be helpful for deaf people and viewer who are not that fluent in English. So we made transcript of all dialogues. Approx. about 10.000 words! After I learnt more about subtitling I found out that the text need to be condensed 10 times so that you would be able to read it while watching. Shortening 10.000 words to only 1.000, that is hard and a lot of the good stuff would be lost. So we decided against the subtitles. If you would like the transcript, please write us here. The transcript is a goodie for DVD owners only.

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